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Star Trek: Alien Domain is a free-to-play sci-fi strategy game played in a web browser. The game features a new Star Trek story, dozens of new starships and alien species. Players join one of two factions (Klingon or Federation) and journey through fluidic space to build the strongest fleet and defeat their enemies.

It has been many years since the return of the USS Voyager and the galaxy was first introduced to the extradimensional realm of fluidic space. Species 8472, the violent, xenophobic beings indigenous to fluidic space, returned to their realm after forming an uneasy truce with Starfleet and the Voyager crew, who had turned over one of their nanoprobe warheads as a show of good faith.

Not convinced the truce would last, the Federation and Klingon Empire secretly began researching and evaluating the potential future threat posed by 8472. During this intense period of research, one of Starfleet’s new Fluidic Research Centers detected a strange anomaly within the Alpha Quadrant, similar to the rifts previously created by Species 8472.

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