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    Oct, 2010

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    Allods Team

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    Allods Team

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Allods Online Overview

Allods Online Key Features

  • Unique World | The world of Allods Online is literally broken into pieces and floating through space, giving the game distinctive geography for players to adventure through.
  • Factions and Races | The League, comprised of the Elf, Gibberling, and Kantian races; The Empire, comprised of the Arisen, Orcs, and Xadaganians.
  • Classes and Archetypes | Nine classes are available, including the Scout, Healer, Paladin, Mage, Warden, Psionicist, Warrior, Summoner, and Bard, with over thirty unique archetypes available depending on race.
  • Character Customization | A variety of options exist to make your character look the way you want it to, from hair color and style, face and facial features, skin tone, and even overall figure.
  • Goblinball! | Jump into the arena with a team for some non-combat action against the other faction.

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Allods Online

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