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The robots are running wild! In Holodrive, a free-to-play 2D shooter, you take on the role of a gun-happy — but undeniably cute — robot warrior and carve a path to victory through your opponents’ smoking corpses. Customize your robot’s appearance and armament and send him off to battle in a wide variety of arenas!

When Holocorp created the 'Dummys' their main purpose was to be companion robots - man's new best friend. No one could predict these robots would turn out to be obsessed with blowing each other up... in style! Now, dressed to impress and equipped with a vast arsenal of guns and an unhealthy dose of unpredictable power-ups, they compete in special arenas to see who's best. What could go wrong?

Each robot carries up to seven weapons at a time and has special powers, such as teleportation or shields. Learn the layout of the arenas and use its special features, such as well-placed ramps and power-ups, to your advantage. Compete in solo deathmatches or in team-based modes, such as the exciting Cocoball!

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