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    Feb, 2016

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    Suba Games

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Lucent Heart Overview

Lucent Heart Key Features

  • 4 Base Classes and 8 Advanced Classes | Choose from the 4 base classes of Knight, Gunner, Wizard, and Priest, and the 8 advanced classes of Solar Guardian, Celestial Templar, Comet Marksman, Nova Sentinel, Moon Flame Envoy, Galaxy Sage, Dawn Prophet, and Sun Commissioner.
  • Innovative Zodiac System | Utilize your Zodiac sign to determine your Zodiac skill path and transform into special Zodiac armor.
  • Unique Dance System | Upload your own music, create your own dances, and sync with other players to create a flash mob.
  • Fun Cupid System | Use the Cupid system to find your perfect counterpart.
  • Customizable Dungeons | Collect and group together different Star Cores to create your own dungeons.
  • Rewarding Crafting | Choose to become a Blacksmith, Tailor, Alchemist, Jeweler, Card Designer, or Machinist, create items and advance your crafting skills.
  • Twice-Daily Quizzes | Participate in the Knowledge Master quizzes to compete with other players on the leaderboards and earn special buffs.

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