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NosTale is a free-to-play anime action MMORPG which takes you on an exciting journey through a world full of mystery with your friends. More than 30 specialist classes and tons of loyal pets provide plenty of excitement and variety in PvP, PvE, and raids.

The ultimate goal in Nostale is to fight Dark Horn and his legion of demons in the land of death. On their way to the top, players have the choice of completing a variety of raids and acquiring a large selection of specialty cards that transform your character into one of over fifteen specialty classes…

Swordsmen, Archers, and Mages – each class offers a unique flavor and the opportunity to create your own personalized character. Tame wild animals, train them and use them tactically in battle. Even other players or partners can join you on your adventures.

Take some time out from adventuring in your very own Miniland, a place where you can build your own home, look after the garden and party with your friends.

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