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Explore the galaxy, form corporations, and alliances, and establish your domain in The Infinite Black, Spellbook’s free-to-play space simulation game that’s made the jump from mobile to PC. Play on any platform — PC, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS, and take on thousands of other players from around the world in massive fleet battles or hunt alien bounties on your own time in a vast universe — the possibilities are endless!

Gameplay centered on ship upgrades and wealth acquisition, with a heavy focus on social interaction and team-based PVP. Some initial features were changed and adapted for mobile online play, as some of the core concepts of TradeWars 2002 (e.g. limited daily turns) did not translate well to the modern era.

As the game became increasingly popular, more traditional "RPG" aspects were introduced, including an experience/level system, items and equipment, and a flexible class-based system (determined by "Special" items). By the end of 2012, TIB was available on all mobile platforms. By 2014, a new desktop client was published for PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is cross-platform and currently has two servers. Limited multi-boxing is also allowed.

The Infinite Black is truly free and does not require any purchase to experience the FULL game!

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