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TOME: Immortal Arena is a brawler MOBA built for non-stop action. Heed the call of The Mediator by choosing a Guardian from one of the six domains: Creation, Death, Water, Air, Earth, or Fire. Tired of waiting for the fun to begin? In TOME the excitement starts at level one. Join the fight at the seat of the Mediator in the Coliseum (3v3). Conquer the wilds and take on the Behemoth in Sanctuary (5v5). Explore a new take on MOBA gameplay in an upcoming 7v7 map.

The most striking feature of Tome is that the game’s mechanics are streamlined. Players do not have to go back to their base to buy items. Abilities are tied to cooldowns, even on some of the mage classes. Stats, such as might, must be bought with gold in addition to items. The main goal of destroying the opposing team’s main structure is also present here, however in the 3v3 map, the structure that must be defeated is also a tower that will continually defend itself and the map is quite small, so action is at the forefront.

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