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Face down hordes of bloodthirsty aliens — and fellow humans fighting for survival — in turn-based tactical combat with Bad Pixel’s UFO Online: Invasion. In the near future, aliens attacked Earth and a deadly virus decimated the human population. It’s up to you to stop the aliens’ plan for not just global conquest but the annihilation of the human race.

In February 2024 a huge alien spaceship attacked Earth. Myriad capsules containing xenovirus landed and began spreading their contents across the world. Right after that alien dropships began the descent. The main alien objective was to gather genetic material generated by natural evolution process. Then they planned to totally eradicate life on our planet and re-seed it with primitive life forms, as they have done many times before. But they have failed.

It was too late for their plans. Human evolution has been much more efficient than they expected, and they faced fierce resistance. In this war every man was fighting not for resources but for the right of humanity to exist.

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