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War on a massive scale! Experience fast-paced, large-scale multiplayer tactical combat with explosive vehicular warfare. Choose between 5 professions and take to the battlefield for close-quarters combat, vast vehicle battles and terrifying PVE Zombie Survival encounters. Enlist in War Rock for free today!

War Rock features 3 game modes: Close Quarters Combat, Urban Ops and Battlegroup. In Close Quarters Combat, the teams have to arm or disarm explosives at requested points in the map, or simply eliminate the enemy team. In Urban Ops, opposing teams search for enemy forces in different buildings. Battlegroup places players in extensive landscapes where heavily armored vehicles are the weapons of choice to take control of the map, fighting by land, sea, and air. Choose from 5 character classes: Scouts, Medics, Military Engineers, Assault, or Heavy Weapons Experts.

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