4 Most Popular Browser Multiplayer Games So Far

Adventure Quest Worlds, also known as AQ Worlds, is a 2D side-scrolling browser-based MMORPG from Artix Entertainment, and the MMO version of the first AdventureQuest game. Choose from a wide range of characters and dominate the field.
Published BY Artix Entertainment Style: 2D


Torn City, or just Torn, is a text-based MMORPG that focuses on crime in Torn City, a city riddled with violence and underground dealings. Considered to be a long-term game, Torn allows players to slowly build up their character in whatever fields they choose,
Published BY Chedburn Networks Style: 2D
Soldiers Inc. is a browser-based MMORTS set in Zandia, a state ridden with war. Players take on role of Commander, hired by a black ops' organization called “The Syndicate,” with instruction coming from a character code named Mr. Black.
Published BY Plarium Style: 3D
Sacred Saga Online is a free-to-play fantasy browser MMORPG developed by Global Genom Corporate where the city of Athens has come under attack. Athena needs as much help as possible and has chosen you as one of her champions to defend the ancient city from other jealous gods and their minions.
Published BY Global Genom Style: 3D
League of Angels II is a browser MMORPG where players lead a group of Angels to vanquish evil from the world. Form a party of heroes and defeat various creatures, using automatic gameplay elements to relax while you play.
Published BY GTarcade Style: 3D
Beasts Battle is a strategy game where you take the role of one of the mighty heroes and try to save the kingdom from the monsters scourge. As of your disposal there is a great number of warriors, who will die for you.
Published BY Upjers Style: 2D
Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D free to play multiplayer arcade-style beat’em up game developed by Neople. It features 2D side-scrolling action fighting with some role playing elements including, along with multiple unique classes and some PVP.
Published BY Neople Style: 2D
Dark Legends is a vampire horror adventure and 3D MMORPG In this dark, online world you'll fight for survival alongside millions of players from around the world in Co-Op or PVP action.
Published BY Spacetime Studios Style: 3D
Crystal Saga is a free to play 2.5D browser-based MMORPG that allows players to explore the land of Vidalia and defeat enemies like dangerous beasts and barbarians using five distinct classes: knight, mage, rogue, priest and ranger.
Published BY R2Games Style: 2D


Gear up for a fast-paced and gripping first-person shooter in Rush Team. Join matches against other players and eliminate enemies with your weapon of choice. Form epic teams and brilliant strategies to rise up the ranks. Get your shooting fix here in Rush Team today!
Published BY Gaming Style Style: 3D
Chronicles of Eidola is a free-to-play turn-based RPG from AMZGame. The game places players in the role of an avenger who works with a wide variety of characters to get things done. The game offers several options in how to play, including PVE, PVP.
Published BY AMZGame Style: 3D
Dragon Glory is a fantastic browser game with astounding graphics and enthralling story. Try on many of the PVE and PVP modes, assemble an unstoppable squad, call for the strongest of heroes and tame your own dragon.
Published BY 101XP Style: 2D
Dead Frontier is a free-to-play browser MMORPG from Jagged Blade Software that sets players as survivors of a zombie outbreak, and now must fight to survive in a zombie-infested city. Player may help other survivors, raid malls.
Published BY Creaky Corpse Ltd Style: 3D
Dragon Ring is a browser-based MMORPG featuring 3D graphics, real-time combat, and a flexible isometric camera view. Players must defend the Middle Kingdom of Andimore, uniting the forces of light through the power of a ring to push back the evil force of the Dark Lord.
Published BY 101XP Style: 3D
A browser based team building strategy set in our own ancient history, Empire: Revenant is a free to play title where players control a leader of their faction tasked with conquering their nearby rivals and bringing their lands into the folds of the Empire.
Published BY AMZGame Style: 2D
Clash of Heaven is a free to play, browser-based MMORPG with colorful graphics, exciting turn-based battles, a huge selection of mercenaries, and a city siege mode. Choose a warrior, a healer, or a magician, and set off for adventure!
Published BY 101XP Style: 3D
Galaxy Warfare is a browser based sci-fi MMORPG featuring a fairly straightforward design that makes the game easily accessible to newcomers but, at the same time, the game also has a great deal of strategic depth.
Published BY Eiyland LLC Style: 2D
March to Rome is a free to play browser RTS (real-time strategy game) which allows players to immerse themselves in the conflicts and upheaval of the Migration Period and reshape history! Players must balance economic, social, and military factors, build an army, and build, maintain, and manage their cities.
Published BY Mena Software Ltd Style: 2D

Kapilands STRATEGY

Kapilands is a free to play browser-based economics and business simulation which lets you grow a tiny business into a thriving empire. Step into the driver’s seat in the world of business and see how far you can grow your start-up.
Published BY Upjers Style: 2D


Let’s Hunt is a free to play browser-based hunting simulation with beautiful 3D graphics, diverse locations, and loads of different animals to hunt. Experience the thrill of hunting game from all over the world from your favorite chair.
Published BY Ten square Games Style: 3D
Kingdom Rush from Armor Games takes the increasingly stale tower defense genre and infuses it with some much-needed wit and good old-fashioned polish. Use your Strategy to defend the kingdom and crush the forces of evil with a vast arsenal of towers and spells at your command!
Published BY Armor Games Style: 3D
Nords: Heroes of the North is a strategy MMO that pits Northmen, Elves, Orcs and Dragons in an epic battle against the evil Ice Queen and her undead horde as she covers the entire land of Shingård of an eternal winter.
Published BY Plarium Style: 3D
Prosperous Universe is a next-generation browser based science fiction sandbox where you are the CEO of your own space faring company. Explore the galaxy, design spaceships, forge alliances, and most importantly: produce, trade, transport, and profit.
Published BY simulogics Style: 2D
Seas of Gold is a free to play browser game which blends strategy and RPG elements, and which focuses on naval combat in the Age of Sail. The fantasy pirate setting gives Seas of Gold a unique flavor, and serves to deliver an immersive and fun experience.
Published BY R2Games Style: 2D